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Replace missing teeth with an implant-supported bridge in Milton Keynes

If you are missing several teeth in a row, a dental bridge may be recommended to restore your smile. Traditional bridges fill the gap left by missing teeth and are secured by crowns attached to the surrounding teeth. Implant-supported bridges are considered a better and stronger solution, because they don’t depend on your natural teeth for support. As the name suggests, the bridge is secured to one or more implants, improving stability while eliminating the risk of damage to your other teeth.

Another advantage of an implant-supported bridge is that your jawbone depends on the presence of teeth for its health. Where gaps are left, the jawbone slowly loses its density and strength, but an implant is fixed into the jaw, replicating a real tooth and maintaining the health of your jawbone.

The benefits of an implant-supported bridge at Oxley Park Dental Practice

  • Maintains the health and strength of your jaw.
  • The strongest, most enduring bridge solution.
  • Fills unsightly gaps in your smile.
  • Placed by our expert dentist, Dr A Bechar.
  • Avoids damaging surrounding teeth.
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Implant-supported Bridges FAQs

Missing teeth can cause bite issues, as your other teeth move out of position, tilting and shifting towards the gap. A traditional bridge lacks the strength of an implant-supported bridge, which maintains the health of your jaw by fixing the implant into the bone and provides a firm anchor for the bridge. Implant-supported bridges help spread the pressure on your teeth and bridge evenly, reducing the likelihood of further complications over time.

An implant-supported bridge usually requires two surgeries – one to fix the implant or implants to your jawbone and a second to place the bridge. It can take several months for the treatment to be completed.

Implant-supported bridges maintain the health of your jaw, avoid damaging the surrounding teeth, fill unsightly gaps, and are the strongest and most enduring type of bridge.

Implant-supported bridges are a lasting solution to missing teeth, and as long as you look after your mouth, maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, they should last for 10-15 years as a minimum.

If you have a number of missing teeth in a row you might be an ideal candidate, as long as you are committed to maintaining a good oral hygiene routine to protect your restoration. If you have gum disease or tooth decay, that would need addressing first.

As with all dental treatments, the health, condition, and structure of your teeth will be considered. Dr Bechar will discuss your existing restorations with you during your consultation and will advise you on the best way forward.

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