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How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign braces are a leading teeth straightening treatment all around the world. Patients love them for being discreet, flexible, comfortable, and easy to care for. But how do you go about Invisalign braces treatment? How do you find a provider, what’s involved at each stage of the process and what can you expect from your results?

As a team of professional dentists based in Milton Keynes, we’re well-versed in Invisalign braces and can guide you through all there is to know about these clever clear braces. To find out more, read on.

Starting your treatment

Before you go ahead with Invisalign braces, you’ll need to feel confident about what’s involved, committed to your treatment programme, and eligible for treatment itself. The good news is, most people are suitable candidates and Invisalign braces are  highly successful. We’ll arrange a consultation with you here at our Milton Keynes dental practice to get you started.

The first step

Assuming that Invisalign braces are right for you, we’ll go ahead and take scans of your smile with our iTero digital scanner. This then maps out your treatment in a series of stages. You’ll be able to see the movements of the teeth throughout the treatment programme and how these line up to each individual Invisalign brace – also called ‘trays’ or ‘aligners’.

Taking the plunge

Next, you’ll undergo the treatment itself. This means wearing your clear braces every day for up to 22 hours; sleeping while wearing them; removing them for eating; storing them and cleaning them as recommended by your dentist; and attending check-ups at our Milton Keynes dental practice when directed. Treatment timescales vary between patients, but you could achieve results in as little as 6 months and will see progress before this.

The end of your treatment

Now comes the end of your treatment plan, where you’ll begin to wear retainers to keep teeth in their new positions, and may even have final adjustments if your teeth need any further little tweaks.

Enjoying your results

You’re now free to wear that brand new smile – and even try out treatments like teeth whitening to get the best out of your results. You’ll still need to take great care of your smile with an at-home oral care routine, and we’ll want to see you every few months at our Milton Keynes dental practice to ensure your smile is healthy as well as happy.

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